NJ Ecohabitat

The NJ Realty venture offers an integrated service model offering end-to-end services to various stake-holders in realty program management & execution. The idea is to associate with stakeholders and engage actively in various stages of program management, viz. market survey, legal due diligence, land acquisition, planning & execution of projects and managing sales & distribution through NJ Wealth Advisors Network.

Managing realty programs is a lengthy process replete with many challenges right from program identification to marketing. As a developer, investor or land owner, one may be keen to execute realty projects, but may not be equipped with the right skill-sets, contacts, experience and/or know-how for the undertaking. This is where NJ India Realty can associate and help in shaping up the realty programs. NJ India Realty has acquired considerable experience in program management and is also currently engaged in multiple programs playing diverse roles.

At the heart of NJ India Realty is the philosophy of sustainability and preservation of environment. Going beyond words, NJ India Realty seeks to keep environment as one of the focal points in its real estate business.